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Where is MONOGLASS applied?

It is generally applied to the underside of floor assemblies and into wall cavities.

Where do you apply HiBAR?

It is applied to the underside of floor assemblies, sprayed directly onto the steel Q-deck, open web steel joists (OWSJ), steel columns and exterior walls.

How many installers does it take to install HiBAR?

It takes a minimum of two qualified installers to install HiBAR.

Does HiBAR come in other colors?

No, it is medium gray in color only.

Can you paint HiBAR?

No, this will automatically void the warranty.

Can you apply HiBAR in cold weather?

Yes, provided the substrate material is a minimum 5 C for a minimum 48 hours.

Can MONOGLASS spray-on insulation be combined with HIBAR Firespray?

Yes, it can be sprayed directly on top of HIBAR.