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HiBAR Spray-Applied Fire-Resistive Material (SFRM)

HiBARTM is a ULC listed, spray applied semi cementitious mineral fibre insulation, for fire rating structural steel. HiBARTM also has thermal and acoustical properties. It can be spray applied over rigid structural substrates and exterior or partition walls. It provides acoustical treatment for ceilings and walls in noisy production areas or large rooms such as gymnasiums or swimming pools where both sound absorption and aesthetic enhancement is desired. Condensation control is also provided on exposed structural components that are in contact with cold exterior surfaces.

Intertek Testing Services NA Ltd. (Intertek) has conducted testing for Can-Cell Industries, Inc., on a sample of HIBAR spray-applied fire-resistive barrier, to evaluate the thermal protection properties. Testing was conducted in accordance with CAN/ULC S124-06, Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Protective Coverings for Foamed Plastic.




HiBARTM is not suitable for exterior surfaces that might be exposed to moisture infiltration or to interior areas subjected to high humidity unless adequate ventilation is provided.

Maximum thickness on rigid overhead areas without mechanical support is 75 mm. Thickness of over 38 mm generally require treatment with primary adhesive.

Wood surfaces or substrates covered with high-gloss or water emulsion paints may require treatment with primary adhesive.
Substrates covered with dirt, loose scale, oil, peeling paint or other substances that would impair bonding must be cleaned or sand blasted, and checked for acceptable bonding properties before application of HiBARTM.


HiBARTM is a blend of specially manufactured inorganic mineral fibres and proprietary binders. The composite contains no asbestos or free crystalline silica.

Fire Rating (ULCS102/ASTM E-84)
– Flame Spread 0
– Fuel Contributed 0
– Smoke Developed 0
Thermal Resistance (ASTM C518-76) RSI 0.66 / 25mm (R3.76 / inch)
Thermal Conductivity (ASTM C518-76) KSI 0.383 (K 0.266)
Combustibility (CAN4-S114) Noncombustible
Marine Structural Fire Insulation Coast Guard A-60 Rating
Air Erosion (ASTM E859-82) Less than 0. 144 mg/m2
Sound Absorption (ASTM C423), solid backing sprayed with 1 1/2″ HiBAR (frequency/absorption) 125/.42, 250/.60, 500/.94, 1000/1.08, 2000/1.03, 4000/1.03, NRC/.92
Light Reflectivity Approximately 80%
Fire Resistance (ULC S101/ASTM E119)
– Wall ULC design No. W803 (1 & 2 hr)
– Column ULC design No. Z804 (1, 2, & 3 hr)
– Floor/Ceiling ULC design No. F820 (1 & 2 hr)
– Roof ULC design No. R807 (1 hr)
Thermal Barrier (ULC S124) (rating/thickness 10 minutes/22 mm, 15 minutes/32mm
Corrosivity None
Bond Strength (ASTM E736-80) Exceeds 20 times material dry weight

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